President Trump Exposes Govt. Vehicle Tracking Program in Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan to Spy on Your Driving – Slams Mitch McConnell and Fellow RINOs

Jim Rickards: Stop The Lies!

BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General Opens Investigation Into County Noncompliance With LEGAL AND ENFORCEABLE SUBPOENAS

As China Brings Terror of Communism Into 21st Century, Former National Security Official Warns That Even US Children Are ‘Fair Game Under Beijing’s Rules’

California Dixie fire is second-largest in state history, burning more than 463,000 acres

Trump blasts ‘Green New Deal’ infrastructure bill, warns it will hurt GOP in next election

Trump Calls For Schools To Reopen, Shreds Media In New Interview

Republican Representative Filing Articles Of Impeachment Against Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Arizona AG Brnovich Opens Investigation Into Maricopa County

Biden’s ATF Nominee Talked Guns On A Chinese Propaganda Network And Failed To Tell The Senate

Mark Zuckerberg Is Planting The First Church Of The Metaverse

Biden Considers Coercing Institutions To Mandate COVID Vaccine By Withholding Federal Funds



Biotech Exec Mother Who Refuses To Vaccinate Her Child Has Custody Removed

Israeli Doctor Report: Vaccine Effectiveness Fading Fast, Most Hospitalized Vaccinated

Top Agenda Is To Depopulate The World

US to Combat Increasing Cyberattacks, Especially From China

Why Aren’t All of These Experimental Injections Killing or Injuring Those Who Receive Them?

The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Has Changed Her Story and Now Admits That COVID Vaccines do Not Prevent Virus Transmission

More than 1 million people entered U.S. illegally in first six months of 2021

Republican Senator Hagerty Stops Schumer, Democrats From Fast Tracking Infrastructure Bill

Dr. Rick Bright the deep state saboteur of hydroxychloroquine access to the American people now works for the Rockefeller foundation. The same foundation that gleefully sponsored most of the eugenics research for the Nazi’s from around 1910 to 1940.

Newt Gingrich: Pelosi is A Dictator Right Now

DHS concerned about violence tied to Trump reinstatement conspiracy theory

Antifa Terrorists Violently Attack Christian Families With Young Children Gathered to Pray on Portland Waterfront – Police Were Called, But Didn’t Respond (VIDEO)

Iran Did It: Pentagon Blames Tehran for Explosive Drone Attack on Oil Tanker

PhD Student Says He was Cancelled for Criticising Communist China

Mike Pompeo Says Biden Immigration Policy Is ‘A National Security Risk’

Once a vaccine success story, Israel sees major COVID spike

Report: Biden administration considering withholding federal funds to force more vaccinations

The Death of Religious Freedom by a Thousand Cuts

Buried in the Infrastructure Bill Is a Plan to Install Sensors in All New Cars to Monitor Americans

Inflation and the Price of Goods: What to Buy Now and What to Avoid

US to Combat Increasing Cyberattacks, Especially From China

​​France Protests Forced Vaccinations And Vaccine Passports

FOIA Disclosure: Fauci Conducted Inhumane Tests On Dogs, NIAID Wasted $424k Of Taxpayer Funds To Infest Healthy Dogs With Parasites

Senator presses intensive effort to decertify presidential election

‘No Vaccine Passports’: Massive Protests Across France Over COVID Rules Starting Monday

160 San Francisco Sheriffs’ Deputies Threaten To Resign Due To Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine

Hypocrisy: Barack Obama Dances Maskless Among Hundreds of Guests

Gold Flash Crashes By Almost $100 As $4 Billion In Sell Orders Hit

Arizona Republican files articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas

University of Wisconsin-Madison removes two-billion-year-old rock because of ‘racism’

Israeli Health Official Says 85-95% of New COVID Hospitalizations Among Fully Vaccinated, Belief in Vaccine ‘Effectiveness is Waning’

Awkward Moment in Martha’s Vineyard: Pelosi Runs Into Obama After Being Disinvited from 60th Birthday Bash

Senate votes to end debate on $1T infrastructure bill

Infrastructure Bill Rewards Blue States for Driving Up Immigration Levels to U.S.

Step-grandchildren of Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels are worth billions after inheriting industrial fortune

UK Vax Passport Company “ENTRUST” is Owned by Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ Step-Grandchildren

Watch: Suspected Antifa Agitators Sabotage Prayer Event, Attack Worshippers

Twitter Suspends Reporter for Pointing Out Established Medical Truth

Hispanic Mayor Forced to Build Isolation Camp for COVID-Infected Illegals as Biden Floods His TX Town

Democratic Lawmakers Who Fled Texas Now Suing Gov. Abbott, Make Wild Claim About Their Civil Rights While Some Allegedly Vacation

Maria Bartiromo DESTROYS Dirtbag RINO Sen. Kevin Cramer on Supporting Infrastructure Bill “Where’s the Money for the Border?” (VIDEO)

Bill Gates Smiles When Suggesting the Nonvaccinated Should Be Withheld Their Social Security Benefits

FBI Investigating Threats to Head of Milwaukee Election Commission after Gateway Pundit Publishes Election Night Emails

Rumor Is Biden Is Getting Worse – Not Clear if He Was Even Invited to Obama’s Mask-less Birthday Bash

Soros Backs a Plan to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department

Georgia ballots rejected by machines were later altered by election workers to count

Fauci Calls Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a Super Spreader – But Says Nothing About Open Borders or Obama’s Maskless Bday Party Bash (VIDEO)

Levin: BLM And Antifa Are the Militia Wing Of The Democrat Party

Trump Vows To Withhold Support From Republicans Who Vote for ‘Disgraceful’ $1.2B Infrastructure Bill

18 Senate Republicans Put So-Called Infrastructure Bill on Path to Passing

‘We Have to Take a Stand’: Kash Patel on Trust to Sue Media, Big Tech

Despicable: FOIA Reveals Fauci & NIAID Spent Over $400K Infecting Dogs with Painful and Deadly Parasites in UNNECESSARY Experiments

Carbon County Wyoming Republicans Pass Unanimous Resolution – Rescind Recognition of Liz Cheney as “Republican” Representative – Call on House GOP to Remove Her from Committee Assignments

Panic attack: Democrats fear Trump

Tình hình COVID-19 hết 8/8: Biểu tình nổ ra tại Ý để phản đối thẻ xanh và tiêm vắc-xin cho trẻ em

Taliban ồ ạt tấn công và chiếm giữ các thành phố Afghanistan, người dân khiếp sợ bỏ chạy

Hơn 230.000 người Pháp và 1000 người Ý biểu tình phản đối giấy thông hành vắc-xin

Tiến sĩ Fauci: Sẽ có hàng loạt lệnh bắt buộc sau khi FDA chấp thuận hoàn toàn vaccine COVID-19

Hoa Kỳ: Giá xăng tăng lên mức cao nhất trong vòng bảy năm

Hoa Kỳ chống lại các cuộc tấn công mạng đang gia tăng, đặc biệt từ Trung Quốc

Hàng trăm người phản đối lệnh chích ngừa bắt buộc ở Michigan

Israel: Đa số bệnh nhân COVID-19 nhập viện đã được chích ngừa đầy đủ

Thêm nhiều quốc gia từ bỏ vaccine COVID của Trung Quốc, báo hiệu sự thất bại của chiến lược ‘ngoại giao vaccine’

Hơn 1 triệu người nhập cảnh trái phép Hoa Kỳ trong 6 tháng đầu năm 2021

Hỗn loạn tại Haiti có thể mở đường cho ‘can thiệp chính trị’ từ TQ

Từng bước loại bỏ môn tiếng Anh khỏi trường học, ĐCSTQ đang muốn đóng cửa đất nước?

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